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My Little Bionicle : The 13 Elements


Applejack led the group to a large open area outside of Ponyville, it was far enough from the town so that none of the inhabitants or structures would be harmed. Flutthershy spent around ten to twenty minutes making sure that local animals like bunnies, squirrels, and other small creatures were not in the area so that they would not get hurt on accident.

Then the six ponies, the small dragon and the two Matoran watched from the hillside as the Toa Nuva walked several   yards away getting their weapons out.
Lewa had his two Air Katanas, Gali had her two Aqua Axes, Tahu had his two fire swords, Onua had two strange chainsaw drills, Pohatu had his climbing claws, Takanuva had his staff, and finally Kopaka had his double-bladed sword in one hand and white shield in his other one.

"Are we far enough from Ponyville?" Gali asked a little concerned that someone might get hurt.

Twilight nod while Spike added excitedly."Ok we are all far enough from Ponyville, let's see what you guys can do!"

After that statement the Toa Nuva began to use their elemental powers in sort of mock battles.
Lewa formed a small cyclone shooting it out of his Air Katanas, Gali drew moisture out of air, shooting  a small flood out of her Aqua Axes at the cyclone. It caused water to rain between them.  Pohatu caused a stone pillar the height of three Toa and wide as a small cart wheel out of the ground! Onua caused that to fall over by making a small earthquake beneath it! Tahu shot fire at Kopaka from his fire swords,  causing a cage of fire to form around the Ice Toa! But Kopaka froze the open flame into solid ice with shooting out of his own double sword! Takanuva also joined in by firing a couple bright spheres of light out of his staff.

After several minutes the Toa Nuva were done, the ponies clapped their hooves together in applause they had never seen anything like that before!!
Fluttershy whimpered a little scared by their powers.
"It's ok Fluttershy, a Toa would never harm an innocent."Hahli said firmly trying to comfort the pegasus, while Jaller nod at her statement.

Pohatu kicked the large fallen stone pillar, it exploded into three smaller boulders each were around the size a of stallion, than shrugged a little sheepish asking."Well what should we do for an encore?"

"Ya'll don't need one that was darn dandy!" Applejack said with a half-smile.

Pinkie Pie chuckled. "Yeah, at least now I know who to call when I need ice for party drinks or to keep ice cream cold!" She pointed her hoof at Kopaka.
The Ice Toa was a little puzzled by her statement, but didn't show it.

Jaller and Hahli nod the other ponies were a still taking in what they have just witness for a few more minutes.
"You guys said that you have mask powers too," Spike reminded the Toa."Can we see them in action?"

"You have already seen my mask power." Takanuva reminded, Twilight nod understandingly, the Toa of Light than looked at Kopaka and Gali."I doubt Gali and Kopaka can even show their mask powers."
The Ice Toa and the Water Toa nod.
"Huh why not, darlings?" Rarity asked raising an eyebrow.
Gali took a deep breath than explained to the ponies and the small dragon, that her Kanohi Kaukau Nuva allowed her and others close by her to breath underwater freely as if it was air, but for Kopaka his Kanohi Akaku Nuva gave him the power of x-ray vision, it would be hard for him to show that.

After several minutes her words to settle in the ponies were a little disappointed, but Tahu, Onua, Lewa, and Pohatu were to show their Kanohi Mask powers to them.
Onua started first explaining that his Kanohi Piraki Nuva, the Great Mask of Strength made him incredibly strong as he picked up boulders with ease and  stacked them ontop of each other like blocks. "Ready Tahu?" He asked the Fire Toa, along with Lewa, and Pohatu were standing several feet away, facing him.

"Bring it on, I'm ready to heat things up!" Tahu declared boldly.

Onua punched the first boulder, it few over toward the other three Toa as if it was a small rock!  Fluttershy immediately covered her eyes with her hooves not wanting to see anyone get hurt.
But the other ponies and Spike watched in awe as a barrier appeared around Tahu,Lewa, and Pohatu stopping the boulder from crushing them it shattered slightly into a few pieces!  The fire Toa's mask glowed with his eyes,  while Onua punched the second boulder it was also stopped by the barrier.

"My Kanohi Nuva Hau is the Great Mask of Shielding, it protects myself and others around me from harm." Tahu explained while Onua walked up to him and the two clanked their fists together like how ponies would do a brohoof.
"Still was it really necessary to do that?"  Twilight asked while Fluttershy opened her eyes wondering what had happened.

"You wanted to see what  we can do," Tahu retorted  with a hint of pride, while Onua than shrugged adding,"That was the only thing we could think of..."

"At least nopony was hurt or dirty." Rarity muttered thankfully.

"Hey Lewa what's your mask power?" Spike asked with a mix of  curiousity and eagerness.

The Toa Nuva of Air smiled at the little dragon's question, as he lifted his air katanas up for a second feeling a gust of wind carry him off his feet and into the air he than took off gliding, saying."How about air-flying?"

"Lewa's mask the Kanohi Miru Nuva is the Great Mask of Levitation." Takanuva explained, noticing the ponies's puzzled faces."It allows him and others around him to soar  in the skies about Mata Nui. He still prefers the sky over walking."

"And I don't blame him." Rainbow Dash said already flying up toward the emerald Toa.
Lewa noticed her right away, as he used his katanas like a glider, letting the wind carry him in the sky for about twenty minutes.
"You would make a pretty awesome Pegasus!" Dash said to him greatly impressed by his abilities, since he didn't have wings.

"Thanks Rainbow Dash," Lewa said back with a friendly smile as the cyan pegasus flew beside him."I enjoy  quick-soaring, and wind-flying over my island-home on  Mata Nui during ever-good days."
The Toa Nuva of Air then descended letting the wind carry him as he glided back down toward the other Toa, the Matoran and the others, while the Pegasus already headed there.

As soon as Lewa's feet touched the ground, Spike and the ponies couldn't but clap.
"That is kinda neat, the fact you are able to fly without using wings like a pegasus, Lewa." The little dragon said with a half-smile.
Twilight then looked at the copper/bronze Toa saying."That just leaves you now Pohatu."

The Toa of Stone nod with a smile saying back with a friendly chuckle."Well my Kanohi Nuva Kakama is the Great Mask of Speed."
"Really?!" Rainbow  Dash said excitedly."I have a real need for speed! Why don't we have a race?"

"Ok, I don't see any reason why not." Pohatu replied with a smile.

A couple minutes later the Matoran, the other Toa Nuva, Spike and the other ponies watched afar, the starting point was at the top of a nearby hill. Pohatu and Dash stood by each other, both eager to start.
"You two ready?" Twilight asked.

"All set Twilight!" Pohatu replied firmly.

"Ok....ready...set....go!" Pinkie said giving her count.

Both speedsters took off in a flash leaving  a gust of wind that almost knocked the group off of their feet/hooves.
Pohatu and Dash were already warming up, already neck in neck, neither breaking a sweat, with Toa's copper armored feet quickly touching the ground while Dash's wings flapped up and down at a rapid pace.
"Hey Dash ever seen a Toa do this before?" The bronze Toa asked as he passed through a boulder, that Onua forgot to move earlier, without a scratch on him! And he got way ahead of her.
Dash slowed down slightly and flew over the large rock, amazed that Pohatu was able to do that?!  But she didn't loose focus she sped back up, at high velocity causing electricity to form around her mach cone, becoming more pointed. Dash immediately picked up more speed, a circular rainbow popped up and she  shot like rocket with rainbow trail following her toward Pohatu and the finish line! He was amazed but didn't loose focus on their race.
Immediately the pair were at the finish and passed it at the SAME time, then ended with a screeching halt.

"Well who won?" Tahu asked,  in amazement. Jaller, Hahli, and the other Toa were stunned they had never seen anything like that before!
"Looks like it was a tie." Gali muttered with a shrug.
"Yeah it was tie." Spike agreed while Twilight nod.
Kopaka was also impressed but didn't say anything.

"Pohatu and Rainbow Dash you guys rock! Woohoo!" Fluttershy said warmly.
"Yeehaw that was darn good racing y'all!" Applejack said while waving her hat.

"Hopefully the readers aren't gonna complain about this." Pinkie muttered with a sheepish grin,
"Readers what are you talking about Pinkie?" Takanuva asked raising an eyebrow, in confusion.
"Oh nothing." She said back.

"Who cares that was awesome!" Dash said then realized. "Oh my gosh! I can't believed that Pohatu and me were tied!  Guess that Kanohi Nuva Ka-whatever really lives up to be being the Great Mask of Speed."
"Kakama,"Pohatu corrected while gently pounding his fist against her hoof, with a smile." You're not half-bad yourself Rainbow Dash."

Twilight than looked up toward the sky, than suggested."Well Celestia is going to have the sun set soon so why don't watch it?"
"I guess so we got nothing else to do."Takanuva muttered.


Matoran Universe

Maria entered her dorm room which by was like a regular hotel room, to get ready for her task. She already said good-bye to the other members of the Order, they wished her luck.
Already there waiting for her was her pet Phoenix Fawkes, the exotic bird flew over to the lady and perched himself on her shoulder.
"Fawkes it is time for us to go back to Equestria."She said with a smile while she placed her leather satchel on the bed, than started gathering her supplies.  The first thing was a retractable staff, that originally belonged to her mother,  memories started flooding back to her.  It has been so long since the Arcadian had last step foot in Equestria, had Princess Celestia forgotten about her? The last time met she the alicorn, was when she was a small child....

Maria shrugged the thoughts off for now, then to continue to pack things in her satchel like magic it could many things, a standard enchanted bag of holding.

"Maria are you still here?" Came a familiar voice from nearby.
Fawkes let out a screech like an eagle a got off of her shoulder, landing on the dresser.

Maria looked over her shoulder standing there in the doorway was Akkos.
"Akkos, I'll be leaving in couple minutes after I've made sure, that I've got everything."Maria said turning toward him surprised the fact he was there, she than added,"Do you need something?"

Fawkes watched from his new perch on the wooden dresser, as the Atlantian man entered the room hesitating for a few moments than final spoke up,"I just wanted to say.....come back alive Maria..."

Maria raised an eyebrow in confusion, letting his words sink in for a minute as he walked up to her.
"Huh?" She muttered, than Akkos suddenly hugged her tightly in his strong arms! Maria couldn't help but slightly blush, as she hugged him back.

"I don't want to loose you Maria!" Akkos admitted still holding her."The Demon killed my family when I was a boy, I don't want to loose anyone else that I care for!"

"You won't loose me...I will come to Daxia when the mission is complete."Maria declared as they slowly pulled back from each other. Fawkes had watched the whole thing and let out what maybe described as a phoenix laugh.

Akkos than reached into his pocket and pulled out a small star carved shape sapphire encrusted keychain and handed it to her while saying."This is my good luck charm, take it with you."

Maria gazed at the keychain for several minutes than looked back at him."Are you sure that..."
"It is mine to give to whoever I choose."Akkos interrupted understandingly looking into her eyes."Besides you might need it."
"Thank you..."She said politely blushing a little and placed the keychain in her pack, while he slowly backed away.

"You're welcome and see you around," The Atlantian man said back calmly with nod then started to walk out of the room."Helryx will meet you at the beach."
"Good-bye Akkos..."Maria ended watching him leave, immediately she started wondering if she would ever see him again?

Fawkes than took off from the dresser and perched onto her shoulder. The phoenix noticed his mistress seemed a little down, so he calmly cooed while rubbing his head gently against her neck, but when that didn't work he used the feathers at the tip of his wings to tickle the front of her face....She couldn't help but giggle...the bird  stopped after a minute.

"Thanks Fawkes." Maria said taking a moment to pet the phoenix, than packed a couple healing potions made from various healing plants that included a golden magic flower, she also packed some food for herself and for her pet, along with the keychain, her staff, and some odds and ends.

"All right Fawkes...we are ready to go!" Maria said firmly picking up her satchel and got it on while the phoenix remained perched on her shoulder, she walked out of her dorm shutting the door behind her. Shortly after the Arcadian lady started to walk down the massive hallway, she felt something touch her butt!
"What the heck?!" She shouted a little startled.
"Oh you have no idea how long I wanted to do that!" There was no one there, she noticed an outline of a figure.

"Jerbraz!?! Do  you want a beating?" She shouted trying to keep her emotions under control, the phoenix let out a screech.

"Sorry Maria, I couldn't help myself,"The invisible being chuckled."I was just making sure that you were packed up and ready to go."

Maria rolled her eyes, trying to ignore him.
"So Maria are you and Akkos....."Jebraz began to ask, but stop when she looked at him in rage."Um nevermind."
"We are just close friends, Jebraz and nothing more."She answered after she cooled down for a second, while Fawkes let his wings and tail feathers relax.

"That's what most of them say, Maria, but now it is not the time for that. Helyrx is expecting you at the beach. Good luck out there." Jebraz retorted with a half-smile.

The girl nod then left down the hallway with her pet phoenix, looking forward to final returning to Equestria.
Here's chapter 5 everybody!
I think it's one of the longest chapters yet.
Anyway the Toa show their powers to the mane six, and Maria gets ready to leave.

Special thanks to :icontaibu-chan: for drawing this:


In the next chapter the Toa get settled in, and Maria heads out.
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