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My Little Bionicle : The 13 Elements

Ch 4

Later as the party thinned Pinkie said good-bye to the party guest and thanked them politely for coming.
While the Toa Nuva and the Matoran were still a little puzzled by all what had happened.....They had recently somehow ended up in a strange world, inhabited by odd talking Rahi, and they had no clue how they can get back to Mata Nui!
But at least the ponies and the little dragon are friendly allies.

"That was an awesome party Pinkie! One of your best parties! You even got DJ Pon-3 to perform and we saw Lewa's dance moves!" Spike complimented.
"Thanks Spike!" Pinkie Pie said back than paused for a few minutes asking. "Where's the white toast?" She was referring to Kopaka's absence since the party.
Tahu rolled his eyes saying."It is Toa!"
"Toa then," The pink earth pony chuckled."I just like toast."

"Ice-brother probably quiet-left..."Lewa said doing a backflip and landing perfectly on his feet in the center of the room, while  Gali, Hahli, and Jaller assisted Spike, Rarity and Fluttershy with some of the cleaning.
Rainbow Dash and Applejack chatted with Tahu,Pohatu and Onua.
Takanuva gazed at all the books on the shelves, back in their world they would use stone tablets and wrote on walls, to keep the history of their island.

"So Fluttershy how are you?" Hahli asked, yellow pegasus replied very shyly."Um ok...I guess.."

Twilight than came into the room with Kopaka, the others were waiting for them.
Pinkie gasped and trotted over of the Ice Toa asking him all sorts of things for several minutes straight...
The pink pony was almost like Lewa on bula berry juice in the morning with her mouth, if only she spoke tree-speak.
"I'm not much of a party being." Kopaka finally spoke up still not showing any emotions.

"Have a Toa or Matoran been in Equestria before?" Takanuva asked that statement caused everyone to be quiet, even Pohatu, Lewa and Pinkie didn't say anything for a bit, like ten minutes.

Twilight looked into a book guide that listed all the material in her library muttering."Toa...." Scanning through the pages she found an entry."Toa see 'Otherworldly Beings & Universes Reference Guide Volume 10'."
The Toa, Matoran, and ponies watched as Spike pulled out  from a nearby shelf that had red and blue binding and strange symbol on the cover. "It's over here!"

Twilight's horn glowed, a strange purple aura appeared around the book, the dragon let go of it and it floated in midair over to the purple unicorn. She immediately started to skim through the pages of the book than she found the chapter and started to read."It says here that a Toa had once been to Equestria long ago..."

"What kind of Toa-Hero?" Lewa asked the others looked at him for a moment.
Twilight took her eyes off the page for a second looking right at Takanuva, than continued. "The Toa wore gold and silver armor, armed with a sword. His ally was a stranger that wore grey/white robe that was good with weapons and had enough magic abilities that would rival an alicorn. They allied with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna in a battle against Discord and a being great darkness."

"Sounds like Makuta." Pohatu muttered.
The Toa Nuva, Matoran, ponies, and dragon all listened as Twilight continued."The Toa and the Stranger told Celestia and Luna about their world." Turning the page, she paused and showed them a picture. 'It showed a white alicorn, sapphire blue alicorn ,a gold/silver armored Toa  holding a sword, and some human-like being wearing grey/white robe covering most of the body wielding a what looked like a staff. They were fighting against some kind of strange mix-match being and a creature cloaked in shadows.'

"That almost looks like you Takanuva," Gali said pointing at the Toa in the pictures...But the mask was different from the Mask of Light.  The Toa Nuva all recognized It was the Kanohi Vahi, the Great Mask of Time! How can any Toa wear that mask? It's power was to great for a Toa Nuva to wield! Tahu remembered when he used the mask against the Bohrok-Kal. It's power was almost to great for him to handle, and almost tore everything apart! But they did not say anything and let her continue...
Twilight turned the page and read aloud."'After the Discord and the dark being were defeated the Toa and Stranger informed Celestia and Luna about their world...", She turned the page again." There are numerous kinds of Toa, they are elemental warriors, protectors and guardians of the peace and righteous. Many elements are know including Fire,Air, Water, Ice, Stone, Earth, and Light.'"
The book also had alot of great detail on the different kinds of Matoran, Turaga, and other Toa.
The biomechanical beings were impressed that book had great accuracy.

"Does it written-say anything about Makuta?" Lewa asked out of curiosity, the others looked at him for a few moments. "What?"

"It mentions something about a gold/blue armored giant." Twilight muttered turning a few more pages than read aloud."'Makuta are mysterious beings. At one time they were actually good, but then something happened when a Makuta by name of Teridax took over the Brotherhood..." The purple unicorn was than quiet for a moments as she read the rest of the page to herself than summed it up."It's says here that Teridax made the Brotherhood evil, but it also says something about lights within the shadow."

"What in the hay is that suppose to mean?" Applejack asked raising an eyebrow.
"Ooooooooh maybe it means a lightshow?" Pinkie Pie suggested then chuckled at the idea.

"Maybe it is like that one saying 'the diamond in the rock'?" Rarity said the Toa Nuva, Matoran, Spike, and the other ponies looked her. She then explained that gemstones are sometimes inside rocks and stones.

"Who knows?.." Twilight muttered as she closed the book and set it down on a small table, wondering about the Toa's abilities, and if they were accurate to book or not?
Takanuva explained a little bit about their paradise island home, Mata Nui was named after the Great Spirit. The ponies listened with great interest about that world.
"What you guys have powers don't you?" Spike asked excitedly.

"Yes, we have our Kanohi Masks powers and our elemental powers." Pohatu replied with a smile.

"This I gotta see!" Dash said eagerly flying abit above Tahu than Lewa, than back at again.
"Yeah why not?" Hahli wondered aloud.

"It would be sure-fun to show-display our Toa-Hero powers!" Lewa chuckled already getting his katanas out, but stopped when the ponies and Gali looked concern.
"Brothers we cannot be reckless here." The Water Toa said firmly.
"Darlings you could accidently destroy property or hurt somepony." Rarity added.
"Or hurt small creatures." Fluttershy muttered.

"Is there anyway for us to get back to our world?" Tahu asked.
Twilight shook her head replying."Not that I know about yet...but you have a reason for being here."

Tahu sighed loudly, but didn't protest, Pinkie looked up at him."Aaaaah come on Heaty cool off a bit."
The Fire Toa glared at the pink pony with rage, as she chuckled at him.
Kopaka smiled and chuckled on the inside. Perhaps he could tolerate this pink pony after all.
Jaller than quietly whispered to Pinkie about the Fire Toa's hot temper, she immediately apologized for that comment. Tahu calmed down only slightly.

Onua then spoke up asking the ponies." Is there anywhere outside of this village where we could show you our powers?"

"There sure is sugar cube..."Applejack said firmly, then looked at Twilight and the others, as she opened up the front door, walked outside. The Toa Nuva, Matoran, and the rest of the group followed her.
Twilight was the last one to leave her home shutting, the door behind her, and continued to follow the others.

Matoran Universe

A lovely Arcadian women that appeared to be in her early 20s, was meditating peacefully on a large rock, her short copper colored hair reached her cheek, she was wearing a greyish/white robe over what appeared to be a combination of light mythril chainmail armor and modern human clothes, she also had on fingerless gloves and leather boots. Around her neck clearly visible was a crystal pendant on a silver chain.
Her names is Maria, her thoughts were interrupted when she heard a loud roar, her turquoise colored eyes looked up toward the sky just in time to see a silver dragon for a few moments before it flew toward the nearby mountain  along side of a larger golden dragon.
"Guess Jon and Kyra are taking their dragons out for a patrol flight." Maria muttered knowing that a couple Arcadians are Dragon Riders.
The lady got up from her seat on the rock, facing one of the large nearby building the Order of Mata Nui's main HQ, and started walking back on a path to there. She noticed a gunmetal grey Toa of Iron wearing a Kanohi Akaku, Forge walking alongside beside Elektra a blue/yellow/white Toa of Lightning chatting about their new assignments.

The Arcadian women then suddenly felt a strange disturbance in the universe, and quickly ran toward the main building.
When she got into one of the main meeting rooms, already there was Water Toa scarred with a thousand of battles. The leader of the Order of  Mata Nui, Helryx. Also present was a gold/blue armored giant Brutaka, another being present. A handsome broadchested tan skinned man that appeared to be human, except for his amber eyes and short dark blue hair, he was wearing a dark blue cloak over  his light leather armor, leather boots covered his feet, around his neck clearly visible was blue pearlish stone pendant on leather strand. An Atlantian known as Akkos.

"Helyrx! Brutaka! There is great disturbance in the universe." He said in a firm tone, Helryx noticed that he looked angry at the large brute.
"What is it?" The legendary Water Toa asked wondering what was going on?

"I have received word from our agents stationed on the island of Mata Nui, that the Toa Nuva and two Matoran had vanished from there!" Akkos said explained firmly than he glared at Brutaka looking angry demanding."Did YOU have anything to do with this?!? We're still not over the 'plane incident'!"
"You had to bring that up didn't you?" Brutaka said a little aggravated.

It was no secret that many Acradians and Atlantians were still ticked off at the brute, since he caused a plane to crash on Mata Nui. One of their own had interfere to save the life a muggle girl with hair of gold, that bastard Makuta Mutran almost killed her. That Makuta claimed the lives of a couple other muggles. And almost claimed the Toa's lives too.

"I think this can help us find them...." Maria said walking up to them, while getting a crystal ball that was the size of a baseball, an Arcadian All-Seeing Sphere. They all knew what the All-Seeing Sphere was capable of as she touched it at one point holograms of numerous worlds and galaxies came out of it.

"It might take awhile for a lone Arcadian to scan all these worlds and galaxies." Akkos stated knowing how the magic worked, and wondering if it was worth it? "It take hours or days!"

Luckily for them it only took Maria ten minutes, she found the world was place she never thought that she would see or speak about again... "Equestria...." The Arcadian women, said calmly touching that hologram it zoomed in on that world, within moments images from that world were being projected in front of them.
They saw all seven Toa Nuva, and the two Matoran with some locals of that world...
"What are...."Akkos began to ask pointing at the one of the creatures.
"Ponies and a small dragon." Maria answered they all looked at her, she took a deep breath and explained."My mother had been there a few times, on one occasion the Toa of Time Chronos was went there with her they fought along side the ruler of that universe. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna against the God of Disharmony Discord and Makuta Tridax."
Brutaka nod remembering that he once been to that world, but didn't mess with Equestria. Since he did not see any fun or point to that.
Maria started to smile at her own words."My mother and father brought me there a few times, I remember many things that world," She then frowned remembering what had happened to her parents shortly after they had returned to their home a Matoran village on a small island from Equestria, they were murdered by the Demon of Death.

"Than you will be the perfect volunteer."Helryx said to her while touching the All-Seeing Sphere at one point turning off the holograms."Maria, you will go to Equestria and keep an eye on things. But only get involved when you have no  other choice, understand?"
"Yes,"Maria retorted putting the sphere back in her pack, "I will get ready to leave immediately, if I hope to get there soon."
"Be sure to meet me at beach when you are ready." Helyrx ordered.
Maria nod then left the room, and headed toward her dorm to get ready for her task ahead.
Well sorry if this ain't much but here's ch 4.
Anyway Pinkie's party aftermath, and we learn somethings.
How many references can you guys/gals point in this?

:iconcommentplz: :please: I would really like some feedback.

In the next chapter the mane six witness the Toa Nuva's abilities.

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