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August 16, 2012
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My Little Bionicle: The 13 Elements


After a few minutes Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Applejack, and Spike brought the Toa Nuva and the Matoran out of the orchid to a arched gateway near a large red barn.
Applejack headed inside there saying to them."I'll get some brunch started ya'll enjoy yerselves."

Lewa, Gali, Pohatu, Kopaka, Takanuva, Jaller and Hahli admired the odd structure along with the surrounding area.
Onua noticed a moderate crimson stallion, with light yellowish gray hooves, light gamboge mane,  sap green eyes, wearing a collar thing, and had a green apple sliced in half for a cutie mark.
The stallion was calmly moving some large bundles of hay, toward the barn.
The earth Toa couldn't help but walk over to him asking."Do you need any help?"
The stallion looked back at him, first time he noticed the black Toa there was a few moments silence between them. Before he finally answered with one word."Nnnnope."

"Do you have farms where you're from?" Twilight asked noticing their curiousity.

"Well we have Lava Farms  on our island Mata Nui....but nothing like this." Takanuva answered.
Twilight and Spike stunned. "What do you need to farm lava for?!"
"Yeah wouldn't you burn, up doing that?" Rainbow Dash asked also confused.
"A fire-spitter can handle hot-heat simple-fine." Lewa muttered.
The ponies and dragon were still puzzled by that statement, Jaller explained."Some Ta-Matoran drain the lava from the Mangai Volcano, then hardened it and make tools from it."
Hahli than added remembering her visit to Ta-Koro and talk she had with Ta-Matoran named Aft ."The cooled lava also is used to help Le-Koro green, Ga-Koro's water bountiful, and Onu-Koro's mines rich."
Jaller nod with a half-smile.
Tahu wondered how long were they in gonna be in Equestria? The Fire Toa's thoughts were interrupted when he saw  a couple more ponies entering through the archway gate and headed toward the others.

One was yellow (candy) colored pegasus, pink hair, cute dark cyan eyes, and three butterflies for a cutie mark. Hahli came up to the her saying."I'm Hahli, and you are?"
The yellow pegasus timidly replied so quietly that the Ga-Matoran could barely hear her.
"Um can you speak up a bit?"
The shy pegasus spoke in the same tone a second a time.
"Oh you're shy aren't you? I understand it's okay." Hahli said.

Rainbow Dash introduced Fluttershy to the Toa and the Matoran, saying firmly. "This is Fluttershy, sorry she is kinda shy around newcomers. But she will warm up to you guys eventually."
The other pony was a pretty white unicorn, with a lovely violet mane, sapphire blue eyes, and three blue gems for a cutie mark. She politely introduced herself as Rarity.

'That might be an ice pony,' Jaller thought to himself, Spike tapped on the Ta-Matoran's shoulder whispering to him. "Hey Jaller how do my spikes look?"
"Uh fine, why?" He said back a little confused.
The little dragon whispered to the Ta-Matoran about his crush on Rarity.
"I understand, Spike, I am the same way with Hahli." Jaller whispered back honestly.

Rarity walked up to each of the Toa and Matoran commented on their armor and masks, starting with Pohatu saying."I had no idea, that copper could look so lovely."
"Uh thanks....?" The Stone Toa muttered a little confused by her statement, scratching the side of his mask.
Rarity then looked at Tahu, Lewa and Gali with a smile. "Red as rubies, green as emeralds and blue as sapphires absolutely marvelous! Where did you darlings get your armor?"

"Well... we always had it." The Water Toa replied not knowing how to respond to that.
Rarity than looked at Onua liking his black as ebony or obsidian armor. "By the stars darling black is very slimming."
But out of all the Toa Nuva she was mostly drawn to Takanuva and Kopaka the most. "That armor looks marvelous on you darlings."

The white unicorn then looked at Jaller and Hahli not only did she think they were adorable, she thought their armor looked stylish too.
"Is she always like that?" Pohatu asked Twilight quietly, no doubt referring to Rarity.
"Sometimes..."Twilight replied.  

The group then heard a ringing sound, Applejack was ringing a triangle near a couple wooden tables. "Soup's on Everypony! "
The Toa and Matoran rushed over there with the ponies, enjoying brunch. They had never such delicacies before, various apple filled treats like pies, cobbler, crisp and many others.
"This is very good-tasty!" Lewa said with a smile after taking his first bite of the apple pie.
During brunch Applejack introduced the stallion that Onua was talking too earlier, as her brother Big Macintosh.
An elderly mare with an apple pie for a cute mark was also present, "Granny Smith we have guest." She said calmly.

Granny Smith was sort of like a Turaga, to the Matoran, except for she was sort of odd....
"Is Applebloom hanging out with Sweetie Bellie and Scootaloo somewhere?" Twilight asked.
"Eeyup..." Big Mac answered.
The Toa were confused by that statement, until Applejack informed them that Applebloom is her little sister, she often was hanging with two other fillies Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.

Shortly after eating brunch, Rarity and Fluttershy left to go somewhere.
"Wonder where they are going?" Pohatu wondered aloud.
"Well Rarity owns the Carousal Boutique, it's a shop in Ponyville." Spike replied.

"Fluttershy takes care of her animal friends." Twilight added.
Rainbow Dash started to flap her wings saying with a smile. "Seeya later at Ponyville guys! I can't wait to hang out some more."

"Ponyville?" Gali repeated a little puzzled."Is that your village?"
"Not exactly but we can take you guys there." Spike replied while he mounted onto the purple unicorn's back.
"Well what are we waiting for?" Tahu muttered already walking away. "If someone in that village can get us back to Mata Nui...than we better go there."


Awhile later Twilight,with Spike still mounted on her back, had led the Toa Nuva and the Matoran to Ponyville.
Takanuva, Gali, Tahu, Lewa, Pohatu, Kopaka, Onua, Jaller and Hahli were surprised that the town was larger and nothing like their villages back on Mata Nui. The some of buildings were oddly rectangular or square shaped, with triangular roofs, and square glass windows, compared to the round shaped huts back in their Koros. There were some other strange structures, in the town, like a building shaped like a tree or an odd food.

Twilight led them to a large tree shaped house, it had a front door, a couple windows, and two balconies.
Spike dismounted off her back, while the purple unicorn faced the Toa saying warmly."Well here are, this is my house and it is also the library here in Ponyville."
All seven Toa and both Matoran were impressed by the structure, they have never seen a tree house like this before, unless some odd Le-Matoran thought to build inside a huge tree.
"Looks pleasant-nice." Lewa said admiring it.

"Wait,you both live here?" Pohatu asked.
Twilight nod replying."Yeah Spike and I live here! I also work here, yet not many ponies come here to check out books."
"Books?" Takanuva muttered in confusion."What are those?"
Spike raised an eyebrow, saying."You don't know what books are? We'll just show you inside."
The purple unicorn opened the front door saying."Come on in and make yourselves at home."

Lewa entered first, followed by Tahu,Onua,Kopaka, Gali, and Pohatu, while asking,"Is it always black-dark in here?"
"Not really..." Spike replied as he followed Jaller and Hahli.
"It is dark as a mine or tunnel in Onu-Wahi in here."The Ta-Matoran muttered.
"I rarely keep the room this dark." Twilight said puzzled as she came in with Takanuva, closing the door the behind them.
The Toa of Light's mask started to glow illuminating some of the room for a few seconds, then the lights turned on then then out of nowhere they heard voices shout. "SURPRISE!!"
There was Pinkie Pie and everypony in Ponyville!!!
The Toa and Matoran were stunned they had never had anything like this happen to them!

"What in Mata Nui?!?!" Tahu muttered in shock it took every last bit of his self-control to keep himself from getting his swords out and shooting fire.
Twilight scolded, "Pinkie what in the hay is all this?"
The pink earth pony chuckled."It's a welcome party for our new friends, over here!"
Though still a little startled both of the Matoran and all seven Toa introduced themselves.
Shortly after that the party went on,they had never been to a celebration like this before, although there had been some on Mata Nui mainly when the Toa first got there, Naming Day, and a couple victory parties.

The lights dimmed down again and strange lights came out . A white unicorn with a blue/light blue striped mane, wearing shades and had a music note for a cutie mark got some strange box-like thing with odd discs ontop, from out of nowhere with a banner that read 'DJ Pon-3'.  The music that came out of it was nothing like the biomechanical beings had ever heard before, some of it didn't even seem like music to them.
Lewa got into the beat really quickly and started dancing, with some of the ponies. He could feel all the stress and tension from his battles lift away. Thinking to himself with a smile as he did a handstand. 'For some strange Rahi-animals, these creatures sure know how to have rest-fun like Le-Matoran!'

Pohatu, Onua, Tahu, Gali, Takanuva, Jaller and Hahli watched him with small chuckle, yet Kopaka held back a smile. The mane 6 and Spike also couldn't help but chuckle seeing Lewa dancing.
Throughout much of the party alot of the other ponies gazed  at the Toa and Matoran with interest, none of them had ever seen robotic beings like them before. Many of ponies pegasus, earth pony and unicorns alike had enough curiosity to walk up to them asking questions like, "What's a Toa? What is a Matoran? Why do you wear mask?," and so forth....

After about an hr, Kopaka began to feel uncomfortable and crowded with all the ponies. Without saying a word the Toa Nuva of Ice left the room, and headed into a another one. Like the last room there was alot of books, but there was also some stairs leading up to loft there was a bed by a window. At least it was more bearable for him. He walked toward one of the shelves and stood there for several minutes  enjoying some peace.
"Is something wrong Kopaka?" Came a voice from behind him.

The white/silver Toa looked over his shoulder standing there just a bio away was Twilight Sparkle. He waited a few minutes before he retorted."Nothing is wrong Twilight."
"Than why did you walk out of the party?" She asked while trotting up to him.
"I'm not a big 'party person'."Kopaka answered showing no emotion, Pohatu and Lewa loved hanging out and partying, but he clearly did not."I am more of a loner, sometimes I feel too crowded.."

Twilight understood his feelings since she was mostly interested in  studying, before she came here with Spike, she didn't think that making friends was important at all back then. The mare also didn't like Pinkie Pie's parties when she first got to Ponyville either.
"It is ok Kopaka I understand, I wasn't one either when I first got here." She said warmly taking another step toward him.
Then Spike came into room holding a muffin, saying..."Hey Twilight what is going...." before the little dragon could finish his sentence he saw Kopaka..."Oh Kopaka what are you doing in here?" He then took a bite out of his muffin.

"To get away from the party." The Ice Toa simply replied than glanced at the nearby shelves when he heard a strange sound.
He looked around the room source of that sound was a strange feathery bird Rahi, perched on strange twig stand. "What kind of Rahi is that?"He asked pointing his right hand at it.
"Oh that's my pet Owl his  name is Owlicious."Twilight answered with a smile."He helps me out at night when Spike is asleep, incase I do the late night studying."
"Lighten up Kopaka it's a party!" The little dragon said cheerfully than headed back out to the party.

Twilight stayed with the Ice Toa, taking advantage of the moment to check Owlicious.
Kopaka was quiet while he waited for the party to thin out, he didn't mind her company or her pet owl.
Well here chapter 3 everyone!
Sorry if it's alot, this is my longest chapter yet.
Anyway Sweet Apple Acres and Pinkie Pie's Welcome to Ponyville Party for the Toa Nuva.
Please comment :iconcommentplz: I really like some feedback.

Special thanks to :icontaibu-chan: for drawing this [link]
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JFPierre Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012  Student General Artist
I say that this is very good, as a fellow writer I have to say it is different from mine and other Bio-bronies' stories.
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Thanks :D
What did you enjoy about it?
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the way the Toa and Matoran act around alot of the normal stuff to the ponies. also when they ate food, liked that part.
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Bionicel and ponies.

:iconmanlytearsplz: Amazing.
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zillafire101 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012
The writing is very well done, Seems very much like something Greg Farshety himselg wrote, and the 2 learning of eachother's culture, personalities, and other aspects is nicely done.

I'm also a bio-brony. ^_^.
Taranuka Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012  Student Photographer
Its getting good, so good!
ToaDJacara Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
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Taranuka Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012  Student Photographer
When Jaller thought Rarity was an ice pony.
ToaDJacara Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
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