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My Little Bionicle The 13 Elements

ch 6

Awhile later Maria exited the main building, walking down a stone pathway, with Fawkes still perched on her shoulder, the phoenix took off flying toward Helyrx. The legendary Water Toa was watching a couple Shallow Cats that were several mios away walking along the sandy beach.

"Helyrx..."Maria muttered now about a yard from her.

"Maria do you still have an Olmak Stone?" The Water Toa asked turning around and facing her.
The Arcadian women reached into her pack and pulled out a obsidian stone encased in silver lining, no bigger than her hand.
"Here it is."She said with a half-smile.

"Good you have one, go ahead and keep it on you,Maria." Helyrx ordered.
Maria obeyed putting the stone back in her satchel, while  Fawkes flew back down toward them and perched himself on her shoulder.

"I wanted to make sure that you have one."Helyrx informed her."So that you will be able to come back....Remember your duty, Maria."

"Only get involved when I have too." Maria muttered stretching her arms a bit, then admitted."But I shall be meeting an old friend of mine in Equestria."

Helyrx looked a little puzzled and asked."Who, is this old friend Maria?"

Maria took a deep breath and explained,"Princess Celestia, I wonder if she still remembers me or not? I was only a small child when I met her." She then paused for a moment as Fawkes cooed again rubbing up against her chin, his soft red feathers tickled her slightly, she added."Celestia is also the reason that I have Fawkes with me as my trusted companion, he will come with me."
"I understand Maria," The legendary Water Toa said gently placing a hand on the girl's other  shoulder,her pet phoenix didn't seem to mind."Good luck Maria, you and Fawkes have the Great Beings on your side. May Mata Nui guide you."

Just then Brutaka walked over to them, looking at Maria and Fawkes, then at Helyrx and back again.
He took a deep breath and spoke admitting something that none of them knew."I have also been to Equestria long ago..."

Maria looked at the brute with a mix of rage and confusion, Fawkes screeched at him.
"Before you jump to any conclusions, Maria I didn't really mess with anything much there at all, but I did befriend a young colt, Greg Quest.  The little colt had witness a group of Toa and myself fighting Makuta Tridax and a centaur. The Makuta fled through a portal with his injured ally.  We heard him shouting a compliment, he than asked us about our world after some debate and meeting with Celestia...." Brutaka paused for a moment to  make sure she was listening."I actually brought him to our world for awhile starting here on Daxia. For a good several months that same group of Toa and myself escorted Greg to numerous lands in this world.  Before finally bringing him back to Equestria."

"Why are you telling me this?" Maria demanded with a puzzled glance, while her phoenix tilted his head with curiosity.

"Because I wanted to let it off my chest. I sometimes check on Greg from time to time. He is now a grandpa." Brutaka admitted."And I am your ticket there Maria."

The Arcadian woman walked along the gold/blue giant for about a couple bios, while the phoenix flew off for about 30 bios and back to his mistress, than perched on her ontop her satchel.

"Are you ready?" Brutaka asked his mask was starting to glow.

"As ready as I'll every be!" Maria replied firmly as she swiftly held Fawkes in her arms, while facing a swirling vortex with purple lightning appeared about a bio away from them in mid-air just inches above the sandy ground. She only looked back once to say."Thanks Brutaka."
Maria closed her eyes still clinging onto her  pet phoenix she jumped into the portal!  Moments later it vanished as if it was never there!
Brutaka's mask no longer glowed he calmly walked back over to Helyrx, who had witnessed the whole thing, saying."It is done Helyrx."

"Good I will check whether or not if she makes it to Equestria in awhile." Helyrx informed him in a firm tone.

Meanwhile back in Equestria.

The seven Toa, two Matoran, mane six and the little dragon were on a hill outside of Ponyville, watching a lovely sunset.
"Do you have sunsets in your world?" Twilight asked.
Kopaka nod in response, yet he was puzzled along with the other Toa and the Matoran, their world had two suns, but this world had only one sun.
"Yeah but our world has the twin suns and the twin moons." Pohatu explained as they kept watching the sunset.

Around ten minutes later the moon rose into the sky,shortly after the sun had finished setting again the biomechanical beings were confused like with the sun. Their world had the twin moons, but this world had only one moon.

The ponies were still amazed by the Toa's abilities and all that happened earlier that day.
"Spike take a letter."Twilight said, the small dragon quickly got out a quill and a blank parchment.

"What are you doing?" Hahli asked watching them in confusion.

"Sending a letter to Princess Celestia." Spike answered than added."Twilight dictates the letter, while I write it down and then send it."

"Do you always write letters to Celestia?" Onua asked.

"Well I used to send her friendship reports, now me and my friends can send her friendship reports too."Twilight replied but before she could explain things..

"That happened after one of Twilight's spells got way out of hand with an old toy of hers." Rainbow Dash informed them with a light chuckle.

The purple unicorn looked a little embarrassed for  a few moments, but shook it off and began to dictate the letter, while Spike wrote it down.
"'My dearest teacher Celestia,
Some strangers have arrived in Equestria, from another world. Seven Toa and two Matoran, do you wish to meet with them soon? My friends and I can bring them to Canterlot if you like. Please send me a response soon.
Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle.'"

After a few minutes he was ready to send it, the Toa Nuva and the Matoran watched in awe as Spike rolled up the parchment into a scroll, held it toward the sky and blew green fire out of his mouth, the parchment seemed to have been disintegrated!
"Do you always quick-send note-letters like that?" Lewa asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah." Spike answered with a nod.
"Impressive." Tahu muttered still a little puzzled by the little dragon's fire breath, and if he tried to do anything like that the parchment would be so badly burnt up that nobody will be able to read it.

"How do you get a response?" Jaller asked the little dragon out of curiousity.

Spike blushed a bit saying."Oh you might see for yourself, later."

Rarity got out a tape measure and started getting the biomechanical beings dimensions, thinking about the kinds of outfits she could make them and what kinds of materials she should use. The white unicorn than left saying."Good night darlings, I will see you sometime tomorrow."

Fluttershy also left after saying good-bye. Rainbow took off after a couple minutes while saying."Seeya tomorrow guys!"

The biomechanical beings stayed with Applejack,Pinkie, Twilight,and Spike for next several minutes, looking up toward the sky. They noticed that was no Red Star, but  did not mention it.

"Oh ya'll like star gazin' too?"  Applejack asked.

"Sometimes yes."Pohatu replied.

"The night-stars are always bright-pretty." Lewa added.

"Where are you all going to stay tonight?" Twilight asked.

"Well we don't really have a place to stay for the night...."Takanuva answered a little sheepish on behalf of the other Toa and his Matoran friends.

"Hey Twilight why not some of them stay at our house?" Spike asked excitedly.

"Well we only have one spare bed..."The purple unicorn replied looking at him for a second that the Toa and Matoran asking them."Would any of you guys mind sleeping on a couch or on the floor?"
"I would not mind the floor if I have to..."Kopaka spoke up, he already liked her place.

"I'd rather not be in or near a tree when I sleep." Tahu muttered.
Gali sighed realizing that they may have to split up, normally she would rather have them stay united, but in this case since it was only going to be for one night she was ok with it.
"Our unity is important especially if we are another world."The Water Toa said firmly than paused." But if we have to split up for only one the night, then so be it."
Pinkie Pie knew of inn at Ponyville owned by a stallion called Green Ember, but she didn't mention him at the moment thinking that it would take a long time for him to get the rooms ready she spoke up."Two of you can spend the night at my place, if you like."
"Two or one you spend the night at the barn at Sweet Apple Acres." Applejack offered.

Twilight nod understandingly if the Toa and Matoran are going to split up for the night she may have to help form the teams.
Well here's chapter 6 sorry if it isn't much ^^;
Anyway, Brutaka reveals something, and Toa get ready to settle in...

In the next ch we see what Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are up too.

The mentioned Green Ember belongs to :iconsilentphantomomega:

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