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I'm tomboyish girl into Bionicles, videogames and electronics.

Favourite genre of music: Soundtracks and I like all different kinds of music.
Personal Quote: "Knowledge is only knowing how to do something, wisdom is knowing when to use it."
Well I've been back from Colorado, for about awhile had a lot of fun! :D

Recently I went with my parents and little sister to help my youngest bro (I'm not mentioning names) move into Truman (a college). We went early to meet some of my bros (not mentioning names) and spent some time with them.
We had a lot fun. We got to meet his roommate and his folks who are really decent people.

After helping them movie into their dorm room, we got some lunch and helped some more with the moving.
Then headed home. I'm gonna miss my kid brother, but I'll keep in touch with him.

Well I've also been reading MLP crossovers and there is a boatload those stories out there. So I would like to share some with you all... separate into a few categories.

TFA A Guardian's Story by :iconautobotchari: this is actually webcomic series, but it still good.
The Universal Greeting comic Cover A by autobotchari

TF MLP crossover story by :icontfcrossoverfan: this has to be one of the best G1 fics you can find out there.

Predator's Moon by :iconatomic-chinchilla: this involves Beast Wars.
tv tropes page

TV shows & Movies:

Wander Over Yonder (in) : The Friendship by AngelShy24 basically the friendliest face from outer space crash lands on Equestria. I'm not saying anything else other than it reads like an actual episode from the show.

 Crossed Paths by The Rogue Wolf this has three very unlikely series... MLP, Indiana Jones and Samurai Jack.

tv tropes page

Jack and Ponies by Moabite the title is pretty self-explanatory, it plays out like an episode of Samurai Jack.

How about 'No' by Akumokagestu this is a really funny one-shot of a little what-if scenario? That scenario...What if Aku and Discord ever met? See for yourself.

Whip And Wing by Fernin this involves Indiana Jones and Daring Do enough said.

tv tropes page

Doctor and Assistant just take time to watch it.

Bionicle & Hero Factory:

Trixie Meets Vezon (That's a shorter version of the title) by Mr.Grimm on
Self explanatory, this is a real funny one shot of Trixie meeting everyone's favorite crazy Skakdi.

Six Ways by :iconal-rey-writer: this is one of the best MLP Bionicle stories out there, yet can be pretty dark. Lyra has gone missing from Equestria and ends up in the Matoran universe. I'm not gonna tell you anything else, because I want you all to read it.

DA gallery fimfiction

Bionicle: Equestrian Saga by Vuur Koning aka 36c this is also a series of books like Six Ways, the story is great about a group of Toa assigned to protect Equestria from threats when the elements can't be used. Everything develops well...the only thing I didn't like was the cussing. I personally don't like swearing it makes it hard for me to read something. There were times I had to skip full paragraphs because of the really bad language... Other than that the story is good, has a lot of character development and buildup, but maybe slow at some points .

Hero Factory: Equestrian Breakout by SidwaysStraxus,  this is one of the few good Hero Factory stories and needs some more love. 


Faith and Loyalty by :iconsupersonic331: there is a lot of Sonic MLP related stories, this is one of the best out there....Well that I have read so far that is... ^^;

Sonic x Rainbow Dash by :icontwisterfiendish: mainly a one-shot and great one.
A New Dawn by :icongunflame345: another Sonic one, but also a good one.

One worm for the Apples by watstha this is only Earthworm Jim related story I could find and it does deliver laughs so don't take it seriously.

The Town by :iconcsimadmax: a good comic series involving Animal Crossing, but I didn't like the Digby/Copper shipping at the end. But was willing to ignore it for the story.  ^^;

Mario & Luigi: Plumbers and Ponies by EverSoNitro this reads a lot like a Mario & Luigi rpg game.

 Chapter 1: The Adventure of Equestia by Paladin0  by :iconpaladin0: sadly this comic hasn't been updated in awhile, but sure brings some nostalgia for me, I loved playing Dark Cloud 2 and this adds some great stuff with it.

A Better Living Through Science and Ponies by :iconpenstrokepony: I normally don't like ponyification in stories but I was willing giving to this a shot, and I enjoyed it.
tv tropes page

Speaking of Portal... My Little Portal videos

Fallout Equestria  enough said...I have only read the original but I do plan on reading the other stories soon. Not recommended for the faint of heart or minors.

tv tropes page

Silent Ponyville series by :iconjake-heritagu: this is also not recommend for minors, I enjoyed the first one the most. And I honestly didn't like the Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash shipping in the second one, but I was willing to ignore for the sake of the story.
tv tropes page

Waking Nightmares by KnightMysterio this mostly has TF2 but also brings Slenderman and couple other series into the mix. Not recommended for minors since it is M-Rated for a good reason like Fallout Equestria and Silent Ponyville are. 
tv tropes page

Team Work is Magic this is a more tamed TF2 crossover.

TF2 mlp vid

A Pony Companion this is another video but not suite for minors, since it has some bad language.

My Little Minecraft; At the End by Journeyman this title is pretty self-explanatory.
tv tropes page

Ender Portal Chronicles by :iconciriliko: mainly a Minecraft MLP comic series.

Turnabout Storm this is cool video series involving Phoenix Wright and MLP. Don't ask it just works.
But the videos are kinda long at some points. If this was a real video game, I would buy it.
tv tropes page

The Equestrian Wind Mage by LordSiravant, a quick summarize after getting beaten Link, during a teleportation mishap Vaati ends up in Equestria. It sounds crazy at first but what do we really know about that Wind Mage? Sure we fought him LoZ: Four Swords & learned only a small amount of backstory in LoZ:Minish Cap. The guy is very underrated and unappreciated character. The author has Vaati develop while in Ponyville, he becomes more of anti-hero throughout his experience there. Definitely a must read.

tv tropes page
Also :iconshujiwakahisaa: is currently working on a manga adaptation of it here da gallery.

Finally as for gmodders these guys make some great stuff...Just check them out sometime:
:iconsuperfortress78:, :icondoctorwhooves:, :iconstormbadger: , :icongeronkizan:, :iconneros1990:, :iconrewirken: :icontbwinger92:, :iconandrewnuva199: , :iconzomg-a-dropbear: , :iconillumint: & :iconmrwhitefolks: .

As for me I still plan on continuing MLB soon, but I want to first go back to edit previous chapters.
But as for a slight sneak peek, I'll go ahead and reveal the villains.
The main big bad.. Makuta Kartix (leader),and his followers Makuta Erebus, Makuta Grogar, & Makuta Beezen.
I gotta go, since I need to get ready for college tomorrow.



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